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In Search Of The Mundane

In the ever growing perfect world projected via social media, I find myself increasingly fascinated with the mundane. In the land of influencers pushing a perfect and unattainable lifestyle for most people, I ache for bland.

I find myself growing bored with the portrayal of a perfect life. What was once something to strive for, has become banal. What was once banal, is something to strive for. 

There is elegance everywhere. What some may consider hideous, I find beautiful. What some consider commonplace, I find interesting. When you pull back the curtain and there is nothing left to hide behind, the drab becomes magnificent. 

The endless projection of perfection is the manifestation of a life not being lived. Showing the chink in one's armor is evidence of a life being lived.  

Embrace the abnormal. Look for the drab. Live.