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Immersed In A Sea Of Color

After spending time in the city I like to jump on the ATV and head out on the trails when I return home. Normally I just ride around looking for interesting places to sit and chill for a bit, but yesterday was different. As I was riding around I found it hard to keep my eyes on the trails. To keep myself from slamming into a tree, I would pull off the trail once in a while to stare my surroundings.

Everywhere I looked there was vivid color. Not stopping to take it all in would have been an insult to mother nature.

I have lived in places where the leaves change color my whole life. I never really appreciated it. Being in the open air completely immersed in the color is something I never really experienced. Sure, I used to go on “color tours” in a car, but that felt less personal. I’d also go for walks in the woods, but the walks made me focus on what was in front of me and never gave the sense of scale I experience out on the trails surrounding our home.

Maybe it’s the area we live in, or that I am more open to letting nature absorb me, but when mother nature performs her best Bob Ross impersonation I can’t look away.

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John Kochmanski