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A Walk To The Mailbox

The other day I was restless. I decided to walk to the mailbox which is 2 kilometers from our house/cottage. Don’t ask me to explain why the mailbox is so far away. If you’re interested read this.

The rain had let up and the area surrounding us looks very different after a rain. I prefer to walk after a rain. What was familiar seems different and the silence makes your ears hurt. There is an eerie sense of mystery that is not present when the weather is calm. I have made this trip in all types of weather, the landmarks and scenery are always the same, but somehow they tell a different story each trip.

Every trip to the mailbox I notice something different. Maybe it’s the weather, the season or the mindset I’m in that forces me to pay more attention or just wonder. Nonetheless, the trip is never the same.

Our daily routines have a tendency to suffocate us. We no longer pay attention to what is around us. We simply press play and go.

Next time you’re stuck, press pause, take in what’s around you, then resume play.

John Kochmanski