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Four Hours In Burlington Vermont

Amid the chaos of moving and renovating the apartment we are moving to, we took a much needed sanity break to visit my sister who was in Burlington for a conference. My wife has not seen any of my family in person for two years, so we jumped in the car and made the two hour drive from Montréal to Burlington to meet for dinner.

We arrived a bit early and took a walk through town and ended up down at the waterfront. We were immediately taken in by the charm of the city.

After meeting up with my sister, we wondered over to the Revolution Kitchen for dinner. A small vegan restaurant tucked away on an inconspicuous side street. With decor any Instagrammer would love, with food to die for. After dinner we walked back to the waterfront to watch the sunset and then took a stroll down Church Street.

Burlington is a quaint city which seems to have a lot to offer. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long, but I think we’ll go back to explore more in the future.

It was a great visit.

John Kochmanski