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What's Wrong With Being Wrong

From the time we born we are conditioned to do what’s right. We often forget being wrong can sometimes lead us in a new direction or help us understand what we are searching for.

Every two weeks I grab a camera and make the walk to our mailbox which is 2km from our cottage. That’s a little over a mile for my US friends. I know what you’re thinking—why the hell is your mailbox so far away? If you really want to know, read this article.

The walk gives me time to think and absorb the world around me. It’s a time for me to play around with camera settings while searching for mundane subjects to photograph. I have no expectations, I just shoot.

During my last walk, I blindly changed some of my camera settings to see what would happen. Once I saw the first image I was pleasantly surprised. The settings on my camera were all wrong according to the rules of photography and yet, I find the images very pleasing.

Why are we afraid of being wrong? Who determines what is right? What may be considered wrong for one person, may be the norm for another.

Being wrong helps us interpret what we don’t understand.

Go forth and be wrong.

John Kochmanski