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Be Ready For Your Close-up

Let’s be honest, every one of us would love to have one moment to stand out from the throngs of people vying for a remarkable moment of their own. A moment when we break through the noise and bask in our greatness as bouquets of roses land at our feet. The greatness we always knew was there, but others have not had the opportunity to experience.

In a world where being uber-famous is celebrated and instant gratification dominates our pleasure center, we quickly become discouraged when the time for our close-up appears to be out of reach. So, we give up.


We give up and yet everyday we have small moments of greatness that we toss aside because we feel the stage is too small or our level of gratification is not reached.

Create small moments where you stand out among the people who really matter. Several small moments of greatness often lead to bigger moments, which lead to larger moments. Before you know it you’ll have your bigly moment.

Everyday is filled with opportunities for a close-up. Be ready for yours.

John Kochmanski