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Define Ugly

Let’s talk about the weather shall we? I don’t know what the weather has been like where you live, but in Quebec it has been a rainy, snowy ugly chaotic mix of weather sludge.

I’ll be honest, I like to see the sun once in a while. You’d never know that based on the regions I choose to live. It’s not uncommon to go days, sometimes months, without the sun making an appearance. This will wear you down to the point of exhaustion if you let it. There are times I find the lack of sun rage inducing.


As the days without sun dragged on, I decided to go search for beauty in a rainy, snowy, gray, monochromatic world. I figured it was a better option than sitting inside and repeatedly plunging pencils into my eyes.

Well, the ugly I thought existed was nowhere to be found. I found beauty watching a single bright colored leaf cling to a branch as the rain continually beat it. I found beauty in the way snow piled onto a barren branch. I found beauty in the reflections revealed in a mud puddle.

I found beauty. You can too.

John Kochmanski