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First Walk Around Montreal Since The Move

First I feel I need to give you all some background since this is my first blog post. My wife is originally from Montreal and after living in the states with me for 20+ years, we sold everything and moved to Montreal. I'd like to say that we moved because we both had an overwhelming need to experience all the wonders Montreal has to offer, but sadly that was not the case. My mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with dementia so we moved to manage her care and to allow my wife to spend time with her mom before she forgets who my wife is. More on this in a future post. We have been here a little over a year. Our first year was very stressful due to several reasons, but we finally have our footing. 

On to this post. Now that Winter has decided to move along I felt the need to hit the streets. It has been a while since I roamed the city. The current temperatures allowed me to go outside without having my nostrils freeze together so I grabbed a camera and headed out. My destination? An area called The Plateau followed by a visit to Mile End. Personally I love this area of the city, the architecture is phenomenal and there is a high concentration of artists which makes for great people watching. 

Montreal is known for it's graffiti art and this area of the city has it's fair share. Take a walk down any of the alleys and you'll experience great art. The art, the shops, restaurants and bars make this area of Montreal a great place to hangout.