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And To Think That I Saw It On Saint Catherine Street

Just so you know, all the images below were taken on Saint Catherine Street except one. First one to send me their guess as to which one was not taken on Saint Catherine Street via the contact form could receive something from me via snail mail. Use the subject line "Bitch that photo wasn't taken on Saint Catherine Street" and tell me which photo and why.

Take a walk down Saint Catherine Street and you'll never be the same. On this trip into the city I had no agenda. I just wanted to explore and clear the head. I started on Saint Catherine Street and then wondered over to The Old Port and back over to Saint Catherine Street. 

I have always enjoyed a walk down Saint Catherine Street. Walking from one end to the other is like experiencing several cultures without getting on a plane. This street in Montreal has it all. The shopping, dining under the rainbow in the Gay Village and all the people you'll experience along the way make this a very special street. One of my favs.

I hope to share more on The Old Port in the future.