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No Particular Place To Go

The other day I jumped on a bus with no destination in mind. The plan was to get to the metro and blindly pick a station to jump off at to explore the surrounding area. I picked Atwater. Being hangry likely had something to do with this choice since the Atwater Market would be a few minute walk from the station and I could grab a bite to eat there. 

After filling the void in my gut I started floating around the market looking for photo opportunities. Just so you know. If a sandwich looks huge in a menu photo, it will most likely be a quarter that size in real life. Not many photo ops where yelling at me so I headed to... you guessed it, Saint Catherine Street

I hit the Quartier des spectacles, had a seat and watched dancer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage dance for an hour. It was intense. Here is the audio track that plays as she dances. 

After watching a fierce game of chess I was exhausted from all the watching of the people doing the stuff. I headed home.

The end.