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Buckle up.

hell yeah. dim sum.

Dim Sum is one of those eating experiences my wife and I always enjoy. If you've never tried Dim Sum, you must. It's well orchestrated chaos. It's like Old Country Buffet, but they bring the food to you. On second thought, maybe it's not like OCB at all. 

When you show up at the door you are quickly seated. Servers start circling the table like a shark stalking it's prey. Then it begins. The servers screaming out what they're serving. You yelling back "SHOW ME" because you have no idea what they're saying and you are not particularly excited about getting a bowl full of chicken feet by mistake. This dance continues until you pull off the best Mr Creozote impersonation.

Dim Sum is a must do adventure. Highly reccomend Kim Fung if you're in Montreal and want to give it a go. 

After we ate we headed over to Dragon's Beard Candy for some... you guessed it, dragon's beard candy to munch on as we made our way over to Notre-Dame Basilica to check out Aura.

Above are a few shots taken as we strolled through Chinatown.