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Buckle up.

Nature. It's What's For Dinner

There are times when I need to get out of the city and just breathe. No car horns. No sirens. No planes. No subways. No rushing around for reasons I don't understand. I just want to breathe.

Don't get me wrong, I love the city. I love all the sites, the sounds and the never stop mentality. But there are times I just want to breathe.

For me the best place to calm down is The Cottage. There is no agenda at The Cottage. It's just me, my wife, some cats, nature, swimmers itch and my thoughts. Days are filled with reading, long walks and an occasional swim when the water is warm enough to keep your heart from stopping upon entry. Sure there is maintenance and tending to the lawn and gardens. But these are not considered chores, they're a means to keep boredom at bay while I ease into the slow life. 

I believe that without nature to nourish our souls we become empty shells. We become robotic in the way we operate day to day and we forget who we are deep inside. You need to take it slow or the world may eat you alive. 

If you feel anxious, out of control or like the world is piling up on you, stop. Disconnect, get yourself some nature, slow down and just breathe.