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Pinch Me. Like A Dream You Try To Remember

Before we get started, yes the title of this post is a reference to a Barenaked Ladies song. Now on to our regularly scheduled post. 

When I woke this morning the lake was "like glass". For those who don't know, the phrase "Like Glass" is a reference to a lake being so calm it looks like glass. But lakes are not glass, so yes you can jump into them without risking a severed jugular. Back to the post. I made coffee pulled up Duolingo on my phone and started in on my French lessons.

The lake kept taunting me as I worked my why through various ways to say "He has a big black bag". I start every morning with a French lesson and I wasn't about to break my streak because of some damn lake. 

After five lessons I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my camera, jumped in the kayak and headed out for a paddle. As I made my way around the lakes I kept feeling incredibly grateful to be able to enjoy this Canada Day on the water. After moving here a little over a year ago I am beginning to feel more and more Canadian everyday. So today I celebrate this Canadian life of mine with my wife as we begin life 2.0 year two. 

You can read more about why we moved here if you'd like.