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A Leisurely Stroll Around Mural Festival

There is never a shortage of festivals in Montreal. This weekend is the start an eleven day event celebrating the international urban art movement known as of Mural Festival. And yes, I did pull part of that last sentence from their website. The festival takes place on and around Saint-Laurent Boulevard, one of Montreal's main arteries which you could say is the dividing line between the east and west parts of the city.

Walking around the festival you definitely feel the vibe as the smell of spray paint fills the air. As you weave your way though the mass of people you can explore what the local shops and restaurants have to offer by visiting their stations assembled on the street. 

The sound of music is everywhere as vendors, street musicians and local bands performing on stage compete for your attention.  

It's fantastic. 

Disclaimer: Most of the mural images shown above are from past festivals. Murals being created this year are not complete.